What Artists Are Saying About Us.


"As we recorded our album, Ben had all of the skills we needed in order to get the right tones from our instruments; he was able to coax and coach each artist so that we were able to achieve our greatest potential performance. As we mixed the album, Ben's skills really shined through. He did an excellent job managing personalities and helping us stay on budget and on schedule." ~ Jordan Klein - Front Country

"The Petting Zoo has become my go-to pre-production and production studio in Oakland. The studio is comfortable and professional at the same time AND I've come to rely on Ben Bernstein's ear for helping me meet my broadcast standards for audio." ~ Deborah Crooks - Singer-Songwriter

"From start to finish, Ben was supportive, energetic, creative, and articulate --- all key qualities in bringing out the best in producing an artist. I went in with my original music, and with his help was able to come out with an album that far exceeded my expectations." ~ Luis Malbas - Singer-Songwriter

"Ben was not only capable and professional, but he had many useful recommendations for how to complete my project. He has a great ear and was an outstanding musical collaborator. We brought children into the studio, and even that went smoothly! Ben's work ethic and professionalism all contributed to an extremely fun, efficient, successful recording. I couldn't be more pleased with the finished product AND the process." ~ Bernadette Q. - Child Educator

"Ben’s skill-set as an engineer is awesome (and saved me time and money!). His ability to quickly manipulate the software, hardware, microphones and placement, and troubleshoot any setbacks truly allowed me to do my job as an artist. His punctuality, friendly demeanor and great sense of humor created an environment in the studio that I looked forward to and flourished within. I continue to work with him beyond the release my album and see him as a pivotal member of both my team and my artistic success. He rounds out this complete package with his musical training and as a bassist with a nationally touring band." ~ Hyim - Independent Recording Artist

"I found Ben full of creative ideas and a great problem solver. He recorded our tunes which included violin, cello, upright bass, button accordion, guitar and several tracks of vocals. And foot stomps were a great idea he had in lieu of a bass drum!" ~ Emily Bonn - Emily Bonn & The Vivants


"After he produced my single last year, I knew he was the man to produce my next full-length record. We just wrapped production last week, and I can honestly say it's the dream album I always wanted to make. Ben is a true joy to work with. He knows the perfect drummer, or mandolin player, or cellist, or whatever else my track needed. He has endless ideas to bring my track to life, but really listens to my ideas too and made me feel comfortable in the studio." ~ Ryan Mintz - Singer-Songwriter